Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Quality Control and Safety @ Ujwal Paradise - Dhayari, Pune.

Quality Control and Safety

Quality Control is the most important aspect when it comes to construct a building. The material used should be of utmost quality. There is not much difference between an ulterior material and a superior material in terms of pricing. To save a little amount to satisfy oneself we cannot but lives of our customers and their families at risk. At Ujwal Paradise all the material received at the site goes though a rigid Quality Control system. The Quality reports of the manufacturing company only are not relied upon but also 3rd party Quality reports are sought by our Company Ujwal Fine Homes. There is a laboratory for quality control at out site as well. Various materials like cement, sand, steel, plaster materials go through Quality Control to maintain the tough standards of Construction by our Company Directors. All measuring devices like measuring tapes are calibrated every year as even a small change in the measuring device can result to a big difference in terms of a building.
In recent times there have been news of safety measures at construction sites in the wake of illegal constructions and death of labourers at working sites. We have a dedicated Safety Engineer at site whose role is to find out risky portions in the building and to safeguard them. Wearing a helmet in the construction premises is a must by all- site staff, labourers as well as the Company Directors. All labourers are provided with safety shoes, helmets, safety jackets and safety ropes while working at a height.

We recognises that our man force is the building block of our industry and it needs to be protected. 

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